Welcome to my online home. Here, I hope to collate photos, blogs, articles, maps and more, from my adventures past and present. After a number of years spent lovingly adding to the Tourient Express blog, I thought it was time to create somewhere more comprehensive to share my travels, whether they be two-wheeled, two-legged or any other form.

A Little More About Me

Adjusting to life on a bike, Bavaria, April 2013

In April 2013, my life changed, when I set off on an epic long-distance cycle ride across Europe and Asia. I finished seven months and 11,000 kilometres later, in Bangalore, India.

Before then, I had always loved to travel – I had cycled from France to Italy, canoed through Ukraine and Moldova and trekked in the Kazakh desert – but nothing was the same after that April. From then on, I was truly hooked. Travel and adventure, particularly on two wheels, became a huge part of my life.

Two further cross-continental rides followed before I hung up my lycra – or at least I tried to – and settled into the world of work. However, working for a travel company proved only to fuel my wanderlust further. Soon, I was back on my bike and trying to squeeze challenging cycling trips into two-week holidays. Since then, I have explored the jungles of Gabon, the wadis of Oman and the mountains of Lesotho, as well as racing from the English Channel to the Black Sea.

Now, I’m going to attempt to break a cycling world record.

Looking back at the Hindu Kush, in Tajikistan