Race Results

Ultra-Endurance Racing

When I set off to take on the length of Europe cycling record, I definitely viewed it as a one-off cycling challenge, with no thought for what might follow. But after a few months of recovery, the ultra-endurance bug began to bite again and I found myself signed up to my very first race.

Despite years of thinking I wasn’t particularly competitive in nature, I enjoyed the race environment and the community that revolved around it. My first race ended in a very disappointing DNF, but I’ve since registered some better results and definitely plan to continue racing for the time being.

2020 Race Results

Two Volcano Sprint – 15th Place – 95% road – 1,075km and 23,000m – 77 hours and 39 mins

Great British Escapades North and South Downs – 2nd Place – 70% off-road – 475km and 8,600m – 39 hours

Race Around Rwanda – 2nd Place – 70% road – 963km and 15,200m – 71 hours and 13 mins

2019 Races Results

Two Volcano Sprint  – DNF (stomach issues)