Speaking Opportunities

I’m lucky enough to have cycled through more than 50 countries, across four continents. Life on two wheels brings with it a colourful array of ever-surprising experiences. These have ranged from cycling past angry elephants in Zimbabwe and frightening reindeer in the Arctic Circle to trying fermented camel’s milk in Tajikistan and translating Adele lyrics for curious Cubans.

Beyond this, I’ve also gone from being someone who enjoys seeing the world by bike to someone who enjoys racing across it. With almost no experience of ultra-endurance cycling, I set out to break a world record. In the end, I set two world records, covering daily distances in excess of anything I had done before.

I’m always happy to share my experiences. If you would like to hear more, then please get in touch at

Partnership Opportunities

Throughout my adventures, I’ve always supported and funded my rides myself. This included my record-breaking ride in June 2019, which was a huge personal investment. However, there are a number of future projects that are in the early stages of development, where I would like to bring partners on board. It is likely that I will be looking for both kit sponsors and brand partners. If this is something of interest then please get in touch at