List of UK Races

List of UK and Ireland Ultra-Endurance Cycling Races

The sport of ultra-endurance cycling has been growing rapidly over recent years. This growth has really begun to boom in the UK and Ireland in past couple of years, with more and more races becoming established. With international travel an uncertainty for the time being, I’ve decided to focus more on UK racing in 2021.

However, I have found that it is hard to gather information about all the various races, whether for entry purposes or just dotwatching. Therefore, I thought it would be useful resource – that others may benefit from – to keep a list of all the races that I have come across, as well as the correct links. For a list of global races, check out Ride Far.

If you want an ultra-endurance race (self-supported only, please) added or have a correction to make, then please just drop me an email at


Date Race Length Terrin Link
8th April 2021 Great British Escapade – North and South Downs 475km Off-road here
16th April 2021 Hell of the Northwest 845km Road here
22nd May 2021 Highland Trail 550 880km Off-road here
10th June 2021 TransAtlantic Way 2,500km Road here
27th June 2021 TransAlba Race 1,700km Road here
16th April 2021 Hell of the Dirty Northwest NEW 500km Off-road here
4th July 2021 Pan Celtic Race 2,600km Road here
31st July 2021 Great British Divide NEW 2,300km Off-road here
14th August 2021 GBDuro 2,000km Off-road here
4th September 2021 All Points North ~1,000km Road here
17th September 2021 Further Fen NEW TBC Off-road here


NO DATE YET Race Length Terrin Link
TBC Dales Divide TBC Off-road
TBC Great British Escapade – North and South Downs (autumn edition) TBC Off-road
TBC Great British Escapade – North Downs, South Downs, King Alfred’s Way (TBC) TBC Off-road

Racing Collective run a selection of “trials” each year. Some of these, like GBDuro, are full-on ultra races, but others are more similar to an audax. You can find the full list here.